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Yes Santa Claus, There Is a Virginia - A Satir Workbook

Activities, Games, Stories, Songs and Workshops For Children, Teens & Adults

By Janine Tougas

In collaboration with Michael Kurek and Natalie Labossière

Illustrated by Brigitte Gobeil and Denis Savoie

Yes Santa Claus, There Is a Virginia contains :

- a 400-page illustrated workbook filled with workshops, activities, games and stories for children, teenagers and adults based on the teachings of Virginia Satir, pioneer in family therapy

- a 55-minute DVD of The Four Little Pigs, a puppet-and- people-play based on Satir's four survival/coping/communication stances

- a 70-minute DVD with Maria Gomori describing her personal and professional memories of Virginia Satir

- a CDRom with the full-colour game cards needed to play the activities described in the book.

The following is an excerpt from the Foreword written by Maria Gomori, Virginia Satir's student, friend and colleague for 20 years:

"This book illustrates the Satir model through stories, games, activities, interviews and songs. In the pages that follow, Janine Tougas leads you in a step-by-step experience of Satir's teachings. In a most creative way, Yes Santa Claus, There Is a Virginia, will help you understand yourself and guide you in sharing this gift with others.

This book is most valuable for teachers of the Satir model, with hundreds of creative visual, auditory and kinesthetic exercises. It is valuable for everyone who wants to understand family background and how it impacts their lives.

Janine worked on this book for the last 10 years and my deepest appreciation goes to her for this artful labour of love. I am proud of her and Virginia would be too."

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