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I Yearn

Written by a graduate of the Satir Model Training Program.
. . . . John Lackey

I yearn for the days of infinite desires
Exalting in heavenly bliss
Mind, body and soul resonating
Incoherently with the universe.

I yearn to drink of the sun
Penetrating rays steeping in my heart
Flowing aimlessly within the river of my soul
Becoming one pearl drop of love in the ocean of humanity.

I yearn to be of the earth
Once with all time
Abridged to the tantalizing morsels of the ages
Vibrating decisively with the panoramic emotions of eternity.

I yearn to be free of my yearning
Unhitched from the harness of my dream drawn horses
Floating consciously in extraordinary moments
Living life where I am me, content to be.

No more plain text poems in here yet but I do have Peter Joyes airbrushed poems on the High Graphics page