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 Revisiting your Family
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A Process of Transformation

The objective of the three generational Revisiting your Family process developed by Virginia Satir is to revisit and reconnect with one's family roots, to meet with and to understand our parents (major care-givers) as people...instead of seeing them only in their stereotyped roles as father and mother. It is a powerful psychodynamic process providing the opportunity in the present to update the past and to reduce the negative impacts of some experiences and learnings from the past. Letting go of what no longer fits provides the freedom for new choices and revised conclusions, makes room for a healing process toward a deeper recognition and acceptance of self and others.

Through Your Experience of Revisiting your Family You Can:

- Discover your parents as people...to connect with them as human beings instead of seeing them in their stereotyped roles
- Appreciate and connect deeply with your family roots
- Update the past and reduce the negative impact of earlier experiences
- Unblock distorted or limited perceptions and deal with unmet expectations
- Move beyond your survival pain towards actively growing
- Put what no longer fits in the present into your "museum"
- Access your inner resources and become your own responsible choice maker

See our Revisiting your Family Brochure for more information.