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Maria Gomori - Director of Education and Training
Val Monk - President
Pat Bragg - Past President
Karen Stern - Vice President
Jeana Sanger - Finance
Kathleen Hiley - Secretary
Kelly Giesbrecht - Board Member
Irene Diane Belcher - Board Member
Satori Diop - Board Member

Membership Information


An active institute needs active members. The Manitoba Satir Institute is a non-profit organization grounded in the spirit and teachings of Virginia Satir. Membership supports the continuing education of people like you - Individuals committed to the evolution of the human spirit through learning.

Your membership supports:

  • The development and presentation of workshops in Manitoba designed to stimulate greater personal freedom
  • The development of individuals qualified to share the Satir model in therapeutic and educational settings
  • The sponsoring of innovative, creative teachers and healers from across Canada and the United States to share with Manitobans
  • The provision of scholarships for individuals who would otherwise not be able to access this wonderful opportunity to learn

Your membership entitles you:

  • To become an active members of the Institute, eligible to become a Member of the Board and/or to participate in various volunteer activities.
  • To receive a 10% discount on workshops offered by members of the Manitoba Satir Institute to a maximum of $25 per annum. (Does not include training programs.)

The new Membership Year begins September 1, 2016.

Please mail the Application Form with your annual membership fee of $25.00 to:

Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba
Care of Jeana Sanger
640 Dieppe Rd
Winnipeg, MB R3R 1C7